Firebird Festival Tenth annual

Festival date was December 14th 2013

The weather got everything scaled down, except for quality. Sharing the forces of nature, with its beauty and strength, meeting the cold and darkness with fire, dancing, music, food and beautiful artwork.
Stepping into a vendor space all sheltered from the storm outside, was to enter into the artists’ magic realm, being all surrounded by delightful objects.

Giant snowmen got erected as the bird was burning

Dominic’s Italian Restaurant made it possible for us to have free shuttle buses, from Bridge street to the bird site.
The clay workshops went very well. Old timers and also new faces. For many it’s a tradition, where cheese, wine and brownies gets shared while creations are happening. One class was devoted to a successful birthday party. This year many people from the Timebank volunteered their time to help out. Thank you.  
Thoughts, questions, please contact Henrik:
Watch videos of all the Firebirds on Youtube

From raw clay, to small beauties.
You can supporty our festival, by buying any of these items.
Mug and Tee-shirt design is from a wood carving by Wharton Esherick Rosewood Scented Soap Bobble head figurine from our 2012 Firebird.
$ 15

$ 6

$ 15


The Arts and Entertainment Committee would like to thank the many performers and volunteers who makes this event possible, as well as the Phoenixville Borough Fire and Police departments for making sure that the event runs safely and smoothly. Special thanks to our sponsors: Phoenixville Federal Bank & Trust and Frees Insurance, and our many donors, who have all supported this festival with generous donations.

The Firebird Festival is an annual celebration of the borough's namesake - the Phoenix. Our mission is to foster a collaboration of local artistic and creative talent, and to enhance the cultural life of Phoenixville. These goals are achieved through the festival itself, and through the use of funds generated by the event to support arts projects within the Borough, such as murals and sculpture, as well as entertainments staged for the benefit of the public.
One invaluable by-product of the Firebird Festival is the personal connections made between all those who participate in this event - the organizers, the builders, the volunteers, the performers, the attendees, the businesses, as well as the Police and Fire Departments, and borough administrators. There are few other Phoenixville events that stimulate such creative cross-pollination between so many diverse groups of people.