Firebird Festival Tenth annual

From last year:

December 14th 2013, 3 - 8:00pm

Taste Winery 236 Bridge Street
3-5pm Blanko Dave....... 1960s-style power-pop originals & a few covers.
5:30-7:30 Billy Mosteller..... Spanish-style classical guitar
Art Deska Gallery12 S. Main Street
3:00-4:30 Jason Ager......... Upbeat, original blues-rock with R&B influences
5:00-6:30 The DVD………… Acoustic original, offbeat songs on guitar.
All kinds of Fast 214 Bridge Street
3:00-4:30 TJ Bavelas.......... Acoustic indie alt-rock guitarist.
4:30-7:30 Tom Connors................ instrumental acoustic guitar and voice. Tom hopes to someday visit space.
Phoenix Village Art Center 207 Bridge Street
3:00-4:30 Swar Das........... Harmonium instrumentalist and an amazing voice  
Retold Tales Booksellers, 116 E. Bridge Street
3-4:30pm Poetry open mic, hosted by Jeff Mastroberti
Liberty Vapor ,  322 Bridge Street
3-6pm Hot Sauce Junkie This 5 member band creates a good ,fun atmosphere, because they are having fun.
Into the Sun 323 Bridge street
3-7pm Stranger in the Alps 3 exceptional musicians playing a blend of jazz, groove and blues.
Jaworski's Music Centre, 175 Bridge Street  
3:30-5:00 Rob Melso.......... The One Man Funk Band  
6-7 Salient Roots is a "world rock" acoustic duo, playing a lot of fan favorites and songs you can sing along to.  
Mindful Body and Soul 321 Bridge Street
  UnderBellies and Friends was formed in the Fall of 2011 as a mixed level fusion troupe.  Performers range from beginner to semi-pro and all bring their unique  spirit and form to the choreography.  They continue to experiment and explore the many possibilities through bellydance.   And as a special treat for this year's Firebird Festival they have invited several special guests to perform, showcasing the many different styles and formats of today's belly dance world
Steel City 203 Bridge Street


Tres Compadres is a modern flamenco ensemble that combines latin and jazz influences with Spanish flamenco. A treat for the ears as well as the eyes as one of their beautiful dancers captivates audiences with the dance of the gypsys'.
Since the release of their debut CD Que Pasa, Tres Compadres has been winning over music fans around the globe.Tres Compadres entered the top ten twice in Our Stage competions in 2008, in the categories of World Music and Solo Guitar Performance. 2009 brought in a nomination for best flamenco song from the international JPF music awards, and their version of Chick Corea's Armandos Rumba has recieved numerous downloads in several countries around the world. Tres Compadres will be joined by flamenco dancer
Inez Korff.

Deep Groove Records & Audio, 110 Bridge Street

4-6pm Zak Theis........... Jazz/rock guitar improvisation and covers
Diving Cat Studio Gallery 246 Bridge Street

4-8pm and 9-11pm

Singer songwriterChuck Schubert performing classic rock tunes along with his own material. Chuck's style encourages everyone to join in for a great time. Snacks, Markels' Cookies....and an enchanting array of treasures - We will be featuring Firebird clothing! As well as firebird ceramic tiles, and sterling silver Firebird necklaces

Hoodie Necklace

Phoenix Karate Center 224 Bridge Street


Fabulous fabels for children ages 2 - ? by Brian Atkins
4:30- 7pm Len Fennessy is a high-energy, solo performer.  He fuses many styles to create a sound that is uniquely his own.   Once considered a folk performer, Fennessy has branched off into rock, R&B, reggae and blues.  Some of his influences include Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke, Michael Franti and Van Morrison.  Doing his own style of mostly cover songs, he is an act that you will surely not want to miss.
Mystic Clothing & Accessories, 204 Bridge Street
4:30-6:30 Kris Yeaworth..... Blues, folk, country & novelty songs
Yum Yum Yogurt, 178 Bridge Street
3:30- 5pm Elisha Kane....... Original folk/Americana w/ '50s & '60s pop covers
Seven Stars Tattoo & Art Gallery, 19 S. Main Street
5:30-7:30 Tom Flott............ Acoustic punk sing-a-long heartthrob

Potomac Bead Company, 167 Bridge Street

5:30-7pm Street Greek....... Soulful, bluesy originals and covers
Colonial Theatre 227 Bridge Street  
6-7pm Storytelling Irma, known for her interactive storytelling style, tells the Phoenix myth. She is accompanied bythe Firebird Improv Orchestra  ; a group of eclectic musicians and instruments from didgeridoos to violins. All of the musical compositions are created in the moment. Each piece will have a different conductor creating an entirely different flavor for each composition.
This show is interactive, spontaneous and fun for all ages.
     Joined by the Firebird dancers adding vibrancy and color.
7:30pm  Pageantry parade from Bridge Street to Friendship Field, starting from Bank Street - includes drummers, dancers, giant puppets and the torch that lights the bird.


At the Firebird Site - Friendship Field 203 Fillmore street


The Crafts Bazaar opens - be sure to come and enjoy the food, street performers, music, entertainment and more.
  Harry Chaplin is the master of Ceremonies
3:30-4:30pm Qwirk, an experimental math-rock instrumental trio
4:45- 6pm Sangre Luna....... Dark Americana, alt-rock singer-songwriter duo
6:15- 7:30pm Under the Wire is Philadelphia based indiepop project comprised of Tom Lugo on vocals & guitars and electronics whiz Jason Ellis on synth/drum machine/programming.

7:45pm -

Northern Valentine is an ambient music collective that uses guitars, synthesizers, and electronics to weave meditative drones and soundscapes into a sonic tapestry that Phil McMullen [Terrascope Online] refers to as "minimalist ambiance at its best. Heartfelt, soulful and affecting, like gazing into a scrapbook of memories”. They will be performing a live improvisational piece to accompany the lighting and burning of the Phoenix.

For this performance, the collective will include: Robert Brown, Amy Brown, Matthew Primak and Jay Baron

Firedancers for the Firebird Festival are provided byThe Playing Mantisand Adamo Ignis. They're very excited to be attending this unique and exciting community event, and are looking forward to a great burn! The Playing Mantis are based out of Wilmington,DE, They travels the east coast providing fire performance,instruction, and supply.

Pageantry parade arriving with drummers, dancers, giant puppets and the torch that lights the bird.


After the burn, there will be performances at Molly Macguire and Diving Cat.
The latter is mentioned above.

Molly Macguire ,197 Bridge street
10pm - 2am The Sofa Kings... a high energy ten-piece band from Southeastern Pennsylvania that is taking the Delaware Valley by storm! 
The street performers up and down Bridge street, called buskers, are performing for tips. Please support local artists on the street and at the craft bazaar.
Who all will be there? We don't know, but the Morris Dancers will be back again; dancing in front of the Colonial Theatre. Take a look at their website, they are a facinating bunch.  
and ....
Adamo Ignis shows you the passion of dance, the danger of fire, and many other tricks that will leave you longing for more and in love with more than just the flame.. performing acts such as fire eating and breathing, fire dancing, broken glass, bed of nails, and much more.
Catch the colorful inspiration of the Firebird dance ensemble at the Improv Orchestra, in the parade or around the bird   organized by Lara Vracarich of Creative Spirit Fusion.
See our wonderful Bag ladies, that has returned to their home town for a visit, after lots of travels getting fame and adventures.